change toothpaste
Dec 01 2021

How Often Do You Need To Change Your Toothpaste?

Toothpaste is an essential part of every bathroom and of personal hygiene. The appeal of a smile, and the state of health of the oral cavity depends on toothpaste amongst other factors. Manufacturers are ready to offer the consumer a huge selection of toothpaste, both conventional and specialized, whose action aims to provide a specific […]

why smiling is healthy
Nov 18 2021

Why Smiling Is Healthy

Why Is Smiling So Important? The great thing about a smile is its infectiousness. When you smile at someone, the person will almost certainly return your smile. A smile is universally recognized as a sign of a pleasant mood and a positive attitude. In addition, 5 to 53 facial muscles contract when you smile. The […]

Why is smiling healthy?
Oct 31 2021

Why is Smiling Healthy? 6 Ways Smiles Boost Your Health

Have you ever wondered, “Why is Smiling Healthy?” Maybe not, but many people do. Examine the people around you. Are they smiling? Are they frowning? Even if they are total strangers, their mood may have an effect on how you feel at that moment. Try smiling right now. Do you feel better? Smile at the […]

Dental Emergency
Sep 30 2021

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

The definition of a dental emergency, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), is a condition that can be life-threatening, requiring immediate treatment. It can involve bleeding, severe pain, infection, swelling, and many other tell-tale signs that something is wrong. But that isn’t anything people didn’t already know, and it doesn’t answer the question in […]

Practice Brushing Techniques in Your Free Time
Aug 28 2021

Practice Brushing Techniques in Your Free Time

Removing plaque buildup is the biggest reason that dentists recommend that you practice brushing techniques in your free time. Plaque buildup is a leading cause of tooth decay, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Using and practicing proper brushing techniques can greatly reduce the number of cavities you develop. First Things First — Learn the Proper Brushing […]

Favorite Summertime Salad Recipe
Jul 30 2021

Favorite Summertime Salad Recipe

Every family has a favorite summertime salad recipe. With increasingly frequent heatwaves making it too hot for a lot of heavy meals, cold salads are a great alternative. Summer gatherings of family and friends are returning. You need a perfect dish to add to a potluck barbeque. Whatever the occasion, we have you covered. What […]

Liquids to Avoid After Tooth Whitening
Jun 24 2021

Liquids to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

If you are considering having your teeth whitened, you may know little about the process itself. We are taking some time to explain how the procedure works. There are also some liquids to avoid after teeth whitening that you need to know about. At Wilmington Orthodontics, we want your bright smile to last a long […]

Invisalign in Burlington
May 25 2021

Invisalign in Burlington

Burlington is a quaint little town in Massachusetts with roots dating to before the US became a nation. The city is ripe with historical buildings while maintaining modern business interests. Some of the businesses that call it home are Avid Technology, Keurig Dr. Pepper, and Nuance Communications. But where do you go if you want […]

Dental Practices Using iTero
Apr 23 2021

Dental Practices Using iTero

One of the best improvements in dental practices is the use of iTero intraoral scanning equipment. The ability to produce a detailed 3D image of your mouth is here! Gone are the goopy, messy impressions of your teeth. If you have been avoiding braces or Invisalign because of the horror stories about the process, perhaps […]

Dental Monitoring near Me
Mar 27 2021

Dental Monitoring near Me

Before COVID-19 began affecting the United States, dental monitoring meant periodic physical trips to the dental office. Doctors physically monitored growth and development during in-office visits. Since last year, many dental and orthodontic practices have been exploring the virtual world. Although available before COVID-19, virtual applications are becoming a sought-after and effective tool for remote […]