Dental Practices Using iTero

23 Apr 2021
Dental Practices Using iTero

One of the best improvements in dental practices is the use of iTero intraoral scanning equipment. The ability to produce a detailed 3D image of your mouth is here! Gone are the goopy, messy impressions of your teeth. If you have been avoiding braces or Invisalign because of the horror stories about the process, perhaps it is time to revisit your options.

Taking a Look at the Equipment

While many things are being computerized, you might not even notice the non-descript iTero intraoral scanner in the corner. The smallish computer screen on a rolling stand with a wand-like apparatus on a leash is a high-tech 3D imaging system.

The same folks responsible for Invisalign bring you the iTero scanner. This unique tool can develop a 3D image of your mouth within minutes. The accompanying computer software creates an interactive map of your teeth and mouth. The scanner is capable of taking 6,000 images per second (yes, you read that correctly) and blending them to create the 3D map.

The computer can show how your teeth will move during your treatment. This allows the doctor to almost immediately show you an image of what your smile will look like. Using the iTero scanner is quick and more comfortable for patients, which makes the entire process more enjoyable.

How Dental Practices Use iTero Scanners

Dental practices and orthodontists are using iTero intraoral scanners for a widening array of treatments. It speeds up the process of mapping the internal structure of the mouth and accuracy is better than with manual impressions.

Dr. Rachel Perlitsh is able to plan the movement of your teeth from start to finish with the iTero scanner. Because the scanner is so effective at providing accurate and quick digital scans, it saves a lot of time throughout your treatment period.

Although the development of this technology was originally for Invisalign treatment, it also lends itself to many other areas of dental and orthodontic use. Scanners are also in use for Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontic procedures, and Dental Labs. Some of the advantages of iTero scanners include:

  • Better diagnostic and treatment planning ability
  • Predictability and repeatability — increases accuracy for all types of treatment
  • Allows for better patient engagement with visible results
  • Provides time-lapse imaging to show future progression expectations
  • Better coordination between office and labs with easy transfer/exporting of  image files

As technology continues to advance, more uses will continue to surface. Meanwhile, the iTero scanner is proving to be worth its weight in streamlining dental practices and orthodontics.

Begin Your Journey To a New Smile with iTero

If you are ready to begin your smile transformation, please contact Wilmington Orthodontics. You can experience the wonders of the iTero scanner first-hand. Whether you need braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic procedures, Dr. Perlitsh and the staff at Wilmington are eager to help. Schedule your first visit today! Call our office at (978) 658-3310 to talk to our scheduling coordinator.

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